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Organic Aronia Juice 100% Pure (700mL)
Organic Aronia Juice 100% Pure (700mL) - J&J Aronia

Organic Aronia Juice 100% Pure (700mL)

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With our organic Aronia juice, you experience the taste of sun-ripened Aronia berries from 100% German cultivation. The fruity-tart juice comes from the first pressing and contains no additives such as preservatives, colors and flavorings.

Aronia juice of Aronia ORIGINAL stands for high quality and certified natural agriculture in Germany. Selected raw materials and a genuine commitment to regional suppliers guarantee short transport distances and outstanding product quality. So that our juices not only taste intense, but also retain the fullness of their natural ingredients, our Aronia berries are pressed only once. This produces a pure juice, which contains only the best organic Aronia berries.

Our 700 ml brown glass bottle contains pure Aronia enjoyment for 7-10 days (we recommend 100 ml of juice daily) and keeps the juice protected from light.

Ingredients: 100% Aronia juice *
*from controlled organic cultivation. Made in Germany.

Recommendation: We recommend taking 100 ml Aronia juice each day after the meal: either pure or mixed with water for a delicious fruity and thirst-quenching juice spritzer. In addition, the juice can be used as a base for delicious smoothies, sweet sauces or as a fruity component in savory foods.

Note: Store in refrigerator after opening and use within 10 days.