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Organic Aronia Berries Dried
Dried Aronia Berries benefits
Organic Aronia Berries Dried (200g)
Dried aronia berries Aronia ORIGINAL

Organic Aronia Berries Dried (200g)

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Our organic Aronia berries are gently dried immediately after harvest; you get the full taste of sun-ripened fruits. They are versatile and ideal for baking, muesli or pure snacking. Our dried Aronia berries are free of added sugars and non-sulphurised.

Our tip: Put the dried Aronia berries together with Aronia juice in a jar and let them swell for a few hours. The juicy and plump berries stay fresh in the fridge for up to 8 days.

Ingredients: 100% organic Aronia berries * dried
*from controlled organic cultivation. Made in Germany.

Recommendation: We recommend one tablespoon of organic dried Aronia berries per day.